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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Research Project Proposal

I would like to investigate and research the universal desire and longing that people have for a home.  I think it is universal for us as humans to want to have a place that is ours.  A place that is safe and familiar and comforting.  Each person has a different idea about what that place is for them.  What are those ideas?

I feel that I am currently struggling in my work to figure out what I am really trying to say.  I know there is a theme, but I am having a hard time trying to figure out exactly what that is.  I have these ideas about the importance of preserving the traditional family unit based on my Christian worldview.  However, then I want to express the hope and grace that is available for those of us who have not had the fortune of growing up in that traditional family unit.  I believe there can be forgiveness, re-growth, and healing despite trials and wrong decisions that we may face.  Then, I am still so wrapped up in the longing that I have for a place – a home – a physical house.  I just want to figure out how all of these things go together.  They do. I believe they can and they will.  It is my goal that this research project will help me get one step closer to figuring it all out.

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  1. refocus your intent. what exactly are you trying to say? then say it.